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  1. hoosierpipeguy

    Florida Home Inventory Completed (Almost)

    I've moved around 1/3 of my cellar to our Florida home and with the addition of the man cave, decided it was time to organize and take stock. Here's what 150 or so pounds of pipe tobacco looks like. The top shelf is a lot of my favorite blends such as Vauen No 14 and F&T Cut virginia Plug...
  2. hoosierpipeguy

    Man Cave Finally Complete

    Building in Florida in a major PITA With all the permitting required. Seems like you need to obtain a permit to allow you to apply for permits. Throw in some material shortages and the lead times, this was a much longer process than anticipated. But worth the wait. The man cave is 12 x 24 and...
  3. hoosierpipeguy

    Tampa Pipe Smokers Gathering

    Here we are at Edwards Pipe and Cigar in Tampa. Presently being entertained by a story being told by Simon. 6 of us this time plus the young man who is a PM member and works at the shop. Plenty to smoke and drink.
  4. hoosierpipeguy

    Central Florida Meet Rescheduled For Saturday 2/26/2022

    A number of folks had family conflicts and unable to attend today. We're rescheduling for two weekends from now, Saturday 2/26/2022. Edwards in Tampa will still be the hosting site. Hope everyone can make it. @condorlover1 @gamzultovah @That Guy @gatorhazard @Zapasta @Jimmy_Jack @pipingfool...
  5. hoosierpipeguy

    Somebody Please Buy This

    Been considering a basket weave Meer for some time. I absolutely don't need another Meer. Unfortunately, this one caught my eye at Meerchaum Market. I have inquired about who the carver is, whether it easily pass a fluffy pipe cleaner and the weight. In the off chance the answers all meet my...
  6. hoosierpipeguy

    Nice Deal At SP

    This pipe caught my eye on the side billboard here. I clicked through to look at it. Briarworks for $110, $104.50 if your a silver level. I'm in no way in the market for a pipe but was so impressed by how nice this one looks and the low price I had to share. Briarworks Bulldog at SP
  7. hoosierpipeguy

    Everyone Looking Forward To Reacher?

    For those unaware, Reacher is a new series that will be introduced on Prime Feb 4. Based upon the series of novels written by Lee Child, one of my favorites. The Reacher character in the novel is 6'5" and 250 lbs which made the two Reacher movies starring that shrimp Cruise rather silly. The...
  8. hoosierpipeguy

    My New Jack Howell Bulldog

    Jack just finished this one. I think he really captured the essence of the Bulldog shape. Thank Jack!
  9. hoosierpipeguy

    Central Florida Pipe Smokers Meet Saturday Jan 29

    Meet scheduled for Saturday Jan 29, 2022 at Edwards Pipe & Tobacco Shop in Tampa. 3235 Henderson Blvd. Start around noon, end whenever we end. Hoping for a good turn out and looking forward to seeing you guys again. If you're local and never attended, come in in and join us. If you're in town...
  10. hoosierpipeguy

    Anybody Smoke a Pipe while Playing Golf?

    I play a lot of golf and usually smoke 3 Cigars per round. Been wondering how a pipe might work. I'd probably use cobs as it is inevitable I'd lose and break some. I'm a bit concerned about wind, lighting and keeping the pipe lit and hot embers burning holes in my clothes. Anybody here have...
  11. hoosierpipeguy

    Favorite First of the Day Smoke

    Title edited: caps for important words only. -jpm My favorite smoke of the day is the first. My palate is fresh, it's been hours since the last bowl, I'm drinking coffee...... everything in place to have an enjoyable smoking experience. For as long as I remember, I mostly start the day with a...
  12. hoosierpipeguy

    Santa Brobs Back In Time For Christmas

    I see he has posted. I'm wondering if a lump of coal may not have been the preferable Christmas gift. :poop: Welcome back Brobs.
  13. hoosierpipeguy

    4 Year Old Newminster 400 - Exceptional!

    Ran across a jar of 2/18 Newminster 400 last week and decided to pop it. The almost 4 years have worked well for this blend. I get more citrus sweet and tart from this blend than maple sugar sweetness. The flavors are stronger and more prominent after 4 years with the rough edges smoothed out...
  14. hoosierpipeguy

    Coffee & Tea For Me

    Coffee in the morning and brewed tea the rest of the day are my drinks of choice these days. Lots of water while playing golf. I'd likely make the Tea Purists do a double face palm with my choices but it's a lot healthier than the sugar laced stuff I used to consume. I started with David's Tea...
  15. hoosierpipeguy

    Santa Visited Today

    A surprise package arrived from my good friend Craig @PipeLoverInPA . Isn't the first time from this maniac. That's 1995 Christmas Cheer, Cuban Cohiba Siglo III, Opus X. The cigar travel humidor is a nice as I've seen. I'm humbled. .
  16. hoosierpipeguy

    Happy Thanksgiving And Safe Travels To All!

    I think most of us here have much to be thankful for. I'm also thankful for this forum that has provided so much in the way of entertainment, information and even some very nice friendships. As I grow older, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. Of course I enjoy the great food but most...
  17. hoosierpipeguy

    I apologize Jesse For Being Remiss

    I can't believe I overlooked @sablebrush52 act of generosity. About six weeks or so ago, I mentioned on a thread discussing it, how I missed out on the release of WCC Glass Slipper. A few days later, PM from Jesse telling me to shoot him my Addy, he'd send me a 4 Oz bag he had that was extra. 4...
  18. hoosierpipeguy

    Central Florida Pipe Smokers Met Today

    5 of us managed to make our way To Edward's Tobacco in Tampa today around noon. @gatorhazard @gamzultovah @condorlover1 @That Guy And yours truly We had some anxious moments about not having enough tobacco to last us through the afternoon. We managed to get by. Some...
  19. hoosierpipeguy

    Eric - Incredible Act Of Generosity

    Meet Eric ( @Elric )and his Son at one of our Florida Pipe Smoke meets last winter. Eric was visiting his Son, decided to meet us and bright his Son along (who was a very nice going man). While there, we somehow got into the subject of McClelland and how much I like their Virginias. Eric said...
  20. hoosierpipeguy

    Broke My 8 month PAD Discipline

    Saw this Rubio on Jose's Facebook page, was surprised it was still available. I couldn't resist. A departure from his normal great blasts, he told me this was the best Birdseye briar he ever carved.