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  1. jhe033

    SP Sale Cobblestone Blends

    Smokingpipes is running a 15% off sale on these blends, but I don’t recall hearing much about them. Does anyone have experience with them and any particular recommendations?
  2. jhe033

    J. Everett Pipe Commission

    I thought I'd post a quick thread about this new beauty I commissioned and received today. I asked for a sandblast Zulu as it was one of the few shapes I really liked, but didn't own. The communication throughout the process was top notch and the product is just awesome. As you can see I...
  3. jhe033

    Weird Meerschaum Ghost

    So, I was chatting with my father a few weeks back about getting a meer, and he pops up from his seat, disappears into his den, and returns with a lovely billiard meer. He insisted I take it and one doesn’t argue with him. Anyway, I give it a thorough cleaning, though it seems very lightly...
  4. jhe033

    Mac Baren Danish Mixture Modern

    Good day fellow pipe enthusiasts. Some of what I'm reading about this blend describes this particular Mac Baren mixture as a lighter and sweeter version of Scottish Mixture. The Scottish Mixture has become one of my favorites and is an almost daily rotation. So, does anyone on the forum...
  5. jhe033

    Orlik Golden Sliced vs. Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a bulk purchase for the cellar and I'm trying to decide which of these I'd rather have 'deep', given the upcoming FDA fun. So, of these two Virginia Flakes, which one would you bulk up on? Thanks and happy smoking!
  6. jhe033

    One or Many?

    So, as a returnee to the pipe smoking world, I've now gone through a major TAD phase, and except for one recent order on Monday, all of my choices are sitting in my cellar. I already know what I like, roughly, and while I am trying some new things like Lakeland and higher-end aromatics, I...
  7. jhe033

    Gawith & Hoggarth Rum Flake

    So, I'm pretty sure I just had my first Lakeland yesterday, or at least my first tobacco with Lakeland essence. Anyway, I was walking the dog with my wife when about 1/2 of the way though the walk I looked over and said 'you know, this may be one of the best tobaccos I've ever smoked'. I...
  8. jhe033

    Returning Pipe Smoker Saying 'Hello'

    Hello to everyone, I've been lurking for a couple weeks and catching-up on my back reading. I've been smoking for 20+ years now, and alternating between cigars and pipes. For most of that time, the cigar has been my primary focus. Lately, I've found myself enjoying the pipe a LOT more, and my...