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  1. jhe033

    SP Sale Cobblestone Blends

    Nice, I picked up two tins of each of the Chess blends and 1 of each of the plugs. I’ll follow up with thoughts once I smoke a couple of them.
  2. jhe033

    SP Sale Cobblestone Blends

    Smokingpipes is running a 15% off sale on these blends, but I don’t recall hearing much about them. Does anyone have experience with them and any particular recommendations?
  3. jhe033

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Black Label Trading Company Royalty Corona
  4. jhe033

    Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue

    I'm not personally a big Three-Star Blue fan, though my father loves it and I pick it up for him pretty regularly. I'm much more partial to their Old Colonial, which has similar base components, but for me behaves better, and has a better more-nuanced flavor.
  5. jhe033

    Your Own Secret Blend?!?!?

    My recent blend is some D&R Vengeur...about 4 oz., a flake or two of Newminster 400 and about 3 bowls worth of Bosun Cut Plug. The end result is a lovely mix of flavors and nuance with a medium nic hit. It’s got a bit of everything going for it.
  6. jhe033

    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome from another fellow Indiana resident.
  7. jhe033

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    La Gloriana Cubana Wavell Natural...great value cigar that holds it’s flavor to the end
  8. jhe033

    J. Everett Pipe Commission

    I thought I'd post a quick thread about this new beauty I commissioned and received today. I asked for a sandblast Zulu as it was one of the few shapes I really liked, but didn't own. The communication throughout the process was top notch and the product is just awesome. As you can see I...
  9. jhe033

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Brick House Maduro Robusto...another one sitting in the humidor for probably a year-plus. I picked these up about a year back and thought they were generally so-so...well some age has changed everything and it was a thoroughly enjoyable smoke with some very nice charred cinnamon and espresso...
  10. jhe033

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Diesel Unholy Cocktail...this has been kicking around the humidor for about a year. I forgot I even had them as an add-on to another purchase. It started out a bit rough, but I actually was getting an interesting floral note in the last couple inches that made me like this stick a lot better...
  11. jhe033

    Tell Me About Your Grandfather

    My father is my pipe-smoking influence, and he's still chugging along and smoking. His father wasn't a smoker and he passed away just before I was born. My grandfather on my mother's side was a cigar smoking ex-combat engineer from WWII. He didn't pass until I was 16 and I always imagine him...
  12. jhe033

    Fast Five. Who Wants To Play?

    1. Steve Weiner Rusticated. First year anniversary present from my wife. 2. MacBaren Mixture Scottish. 3. Whisky- Talisker Scotch 4. Book-History mostly military, with music being a very close second 5. Anytime I get to share a pipe with my dad who is 77 years young and has been pipe...
  13. jhe033

    What's Your Favorite Brand(s)?

    I’d go with Mac Baren as the first, and probably Gawith in second. I’d rate Daughters & Ryan a close third before the sale...the vote is out since then.
  14. jhe033

    Daughters and Ryan Blend Availability

    I believe Picayune was on the list too...much to my dismay. :eek::cry:
  15. jhe033

    Recommendation: Scottish Mixtures

    I'd add Drucquer & Sons Blairgowrie to the mix, I wouldn't call it an all day smoke, but it's certainly a great one.